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Čebelarstvo in medičarstvo Medved

Dragonja vas 40 A
2326 Cirkovce

00386 (0) 40 217 542


The Slovenians can be proud of an extremely long and rich beekeeping tradition, which has been respectfully referred to as the poetry of agriculture for a long time.  Recently this denomination had been heard of and read about often in line with the newly awakened awareness about the importance of healthy food, healing properties of honey and bee products. Before sugar became available to everybody, honey used to be the cheapest and sometimes the only sweetener. From this reason, almost every farm had at least one or two bee families, which was enough for them to be self-sufficient with honey.

If someone with the surname Medved (Bear) produces honey, this is certainly not a coincidence. In the family of Damjan Medved the tradition of beekeeping goes more than a hundred years back; his grandfather was already a beekeeper. Damjan and his father have obtained the title of Master Beekeepers, because love of beekeeping is not enough for taking care of bees; similarly to bees, beekeepers must work hard, while they also need experience and special knowledge. It is not easy to obtain this title, since exams had to be taken in Graz, Austria. In Slovenia the vocational norm for master beekeepers has been adopted only recently and the first exams were implemented in 2011. Successfully completed education and the gained title is a personal acknowledgement for both masters, the fulfilment of an important life goal. At Medved's house, the most important mastery lies in the organisation and harmonisation of their own work and the work of co-workers, and even more so in passing the knowledge and skills to those learning the craft. After all, becoming a master is a special honour for every beekeeper.

Today the Medved family has more than 100 beehives. Their bees mostly find pasture along the Drava River and on the northern and southern slopes of Pohorje. Apart from honey - floral, acacia, fir, linden, forest and oak honey - they also make propolis, pollen, and produce fruit in honey, honey wine, mead and honey champagne. The latter is produced by the Medved family following a classical maturation method of one or two years. Only a few beekeepers produce it following this method and many claim that this is a Slovenian speciality.  The family also offers honey ice-cream, which is both delicious and healthy, because it is sweetened by honey. For special occasions, they bake sweet-smelling gingerbread biscuits and prepare gingerbread products, occasionally also gingerbread candies and lollipops. They are also skilled in making candles from beeswax. Observing the old beekeeper's and mead producer's tradition, their products are offered on stands at more important blessings and various events.

Mr Damjan Medved likes to share his beekeeping knowledge and skills, acquired from years of experiences. With the help of his wife Katja, visitors are presented interesting details from the life of bees, and by seeing the film entitled The Homeland of Excellent Beekeepers they can learn about the tradition and the varieties of this noble activity in Slovenia today. The Medved family will be pleased to present you with the facts on the importance of bees for preserving the natural environment and, while tasting honey and bee products, you will receive plenty of advice connected to their beneficent effects to the soul and body.  If you are convinced and wish to try out beekeeping yourself, you can also order beehives at their place. In their carpentry workshop they make all types of beehives as well as other masterpieces made of wood – staircases, windows, doors, fences, furniture, etc. "Natural" is a life's motto at Medved's place!

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