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Kmetija Breg-Tajhman

Krčevina pri Vurbergu 116
2250 Ptuj

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Call for a visit!

One of the most popular trails to explore the rich history of the region along the Drava river leads to the remains of once mighty castle Vurberg, which involves a number of legends, but also attracts with its interesting history and excellent location. On this route, you can visit the farm Breg - Tajhman which is located on the last slopes of Slovenske gorice, just 5 km from the town of Ptuj, in Krčevina pri Vurbergu. The farm has 30 hectares of land. Despite the abundance of work, the housewife Sonja and her husband Milan are happy to entertain their guests. The themes for discussion never run short. The reason is 8 hectares of vineyards where they grow 13 types of grape varieties. 25,000 vines require much attention and love throughout the year, as well as expert knowledge. This can be best be learned while tasting delicious house wine.

The farm Tajhman - Breg is active also in growing fruit trees. Orchards with apple and pear trees are spread across five and half hectares. They can offer you juicy fruit and excellent home-made apple and pear juices, aromatic vinegars, and excellent spirits. "Bregova vilijamovka" as the locals call it, is a synonym for quality domestic pear brandy. Home-made brandy is a domain of the housewife and she is the one who does everything necessary.

Development of the domestic, local recipe for the best juice, vinegar and brandy requires several years of hard work and knowledge. The basis of everything is of course, healthy fruit and love for work. The farm Breg - Tajhman has received many awards for their crops and products at competitions. As local patriots they are especially proud of their awards from the assessments for the annual national exhibition Delicacies from Slovene Farms.

So if you want a real taste of top quality natural juice, stop at the farm Breg Tajhman. To help introduce visitors to all the goodies they produce on their farm, they have furnished a special tasting room for this purpose.  Tasting will certainly convince you that juice, vinegar, brandy, wine, pumpkin seed oil or box of fresh fruit is a useful souvenir for you or your friends. While enjoying these delicacies at home, you will easily remember the beautiful moments in Slovenske gorice.

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