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Gostilna Čelan

ČelanGOSTILNA ČELAN, Slovenja vas
Slovenja vas 30
2288 Hajdina

00386 2 788 5600 | 00386 51 803936 | Fax: 00386 2 788 5601 |



MONDAY - FRIDAY 8:00 to 22:00
SATURDAY 8:00 to 23:00
Sundays, holidays 8:00 to 23:00

When a traveller sees a large modern building of Čelan Inn along the main road Ptuj - Maribor, it is difficult for him to understand that this restaurant has been operating for full 80 years. The beginnings reach back to the times when a gravel road went past the house and the only customers were the cart drivers and customers from the nearby blacksmith. The Čelan Inn was always a lively centre of the village life and a safe haven for travellers.  Perseverance and hospitality are the key for numerous returning visitors - in addition to travellers on the increasingly busy road Maribor - Zagreb and other daily restaurant guests, the younger guests are the ones who came to dance at weekends. Many couples started their life together at a dance "at Čelan," as they used to day ...

Legacy of the first three generations of Čelan family is today in the hands of Anica Čelan. Her family members  and committed employees helped her to extend the capacity of the restaurant, to modernize the premises and to diversify the offer. New ideas and fresh energy come form the fifth generation - her daughter Maya, who claims the heart of a good restaurant is in the kitchen, and her son Robi who is among other things, the master of baking a piglet.

The offer of Čelan Inn still includes the dishes they were offering more than 80 years ago – local delicacies grown on surrounding farms or in a home garden. Among the most popular dishes are roast veal with home-made dumplings, veal stew, suckling pig roasted over an open fire, and variety of Mediterranean dishes. Hosts like to listen to the ideas their guests have and at the same time introduce seasonal dishes, enrich the offer for vegetarians and follow the latest trends in nutrition. Numerous awards prove that they are masters of their trade. They received a special award for the quality of catering services, which was granted by the Board of Slovenia for Catering and Tourism in 2011. Many customers who visit the inn particularly at weekends when there is a dancing evening on Saturday are also a sign of a hospitable inn.

The same attention as to the preparation of dishes is  paid to the guests themselves. The Čelan family try hard that the premises are clean and neat, and that the selection of food suits each and every guest. They offer accommodation for the guests - 4 rooms are equipped with beautiful and comfortable double beds and an apartment with eight beds.

A good caterer has catering in his genes, argues Anica Celan. The whole family Čelan will prove that to you!

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