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Gostišče “Pri Tonetu” Svenšku

Gostišče "Pri Tonetu" Svenšku
Svenšek Bojan s.p.
Zadružni trg 13
2251 – Ptuj

00386-2-7885683 | 00386-41-764407 | 00386-2-7810017 |


Sunday - Thursday 07:00 to 23:00
Friday - Saturday 07:00 to 02:00

For those who bet on good food of genuine Slovenian cuisine, the restaurant "Pri Tonetu" Svenšku is the right place in Ptuj. For them, time has stood still - in the best possible sense and the best moment! Genuine old Slovenian inn is nowadays hard to find.  People who have been using the building from 1836 and which is located next to the footbridge over the river Drava and the path to the Spa and the golf course, have always known advantages of this location: They hosted travellers, particularly those from rural areas, who came to Ptuj for errands, and of course, carters who came from the direction of the Drava plain. At that time the restaurant had large stables and accommodations. The former restaurant owner was called Straschill and therefore older Ptuj citizens still call this place "Pri Strašili". In modern times the tradition of good, local restaurant has been continued by Svenšek Tone, who recently handed over the business to his son Bojan. The traditional Slovenian hospitality continues.

The restaurant is newly painted and invites the visitors with its historical character; they serve brunch, lunch or dinner, they can organize celebrations or deliver the food to the desired location. Size of the dining room alone shows that the genuine traditional food is served and the staff pays attention to each and every guest. If you are planning a business or private meeting in a small closed group, then a small dining room is ideal for you - a favourite Carter's corner. A spacious covered terrace can take dozens of guests and it is a place for rest and refreshment on warm summer days. The atmosphere is simple and the place is comfortable, the menu has no room for artificiality - specialities which smell from their kitchen are typical local dishes, along with specialities such as horse meat, rabbit meat, rich pancakes, and delicious buckwheat cake and a special tasty cake.

Regardless of whether you just stop by or stay longer and spend the night in the rooms on the first floor, you will feel that you are genuinely welcome.

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