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SiSi – Wine-producing farm Druzovič


SiSi – Wine-producing farm Druzovič
Simon Druzovič
Drbetinci 13
2255 Vitomarci

gsm 00386 41 985 945 |


OPENING HOURS: by prior appointment only

Members of the family Druzovič from Drbetinci in Slovenske Gorice continue with more than a century long family tradition of vine-growing and wine-production, as testifies an old and impressive several-tons heavy wine-press, which was last used not long ago, with a year 1884 engraved into it. The family house and the cellar were built in 1896. The cellar in particular is quite interesting for it is built from local sandstone while vaults are built with bricks. For centuries, the cellar boasted the reputation of a typical wine cellar in the region. Nowadays, it is used as wine archives.

The family does not rest on the past achievements but develops the tradition through modern and new approaches. In 2003 a new wine cellar was built following the latest standards in order to ensure the best possible quality of wine; it has a capacity of 150,000 litres. All four parts composing the new cellar have their own utility and importance in the "art" of cellaring. The wine is tended in stainless steel vats. Each wine variety has its own particular bouquet and in order to develop it, the wine is transferred into oak casks, while young wines mature in barrique casks. However, every wine-producer knows that the true story of their success starts in a vineyard. The family Druzovič owns vineyards which spread over some of the best vine-growing sites in Mestni Vrh, Cerkvenjak, Stari Vrh, Bolkanovo, Štajerc and "at the cross" where they enjoy the maximum exposure to sun, while the micro-climate of each site and particularity of soil give to each wine variety its own characteristics. On 12 hectares there are some 55,000 vines yielding up to 110 tons of grapes which, once pressed, render some 80,000 litres of wine. The wine is in general of very good quality and has recognisably typical house "taste". Hard work and continuous striving for improvement are closely interlinked with their basic motto: the harmony of man, nature and grape-vine. It is not surprising that they are very proud of their wines, and in particular of those sold under the trade mark SiSi (Sun Chooses Only the Best). This line of wine production strongly shows characteristics of each variety, and is fruity, full-bodied and nice to drink. The top quality of SiSi wines has been confirmed at various wine-tasting contests, such as the one in Gornja Radgona; it has also received a Decanter World Wine Award, the most prestigious and important wine-contest in the world.

The wine tasting at the farm Druzovič can be accompanied by a choice of cold-cuts all produced at the farm. The landlord Simon and the landlady Nina, together with other members of their family, can make an unforgettable wine experience for all those who enjoy and appreciate top-quality wines from Slovenske Gorice renowned for their aroma and specific bouquet.

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