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Dejan zavec gym

dejan zavec gymDejan Zavec Gym
Žnidaričevo nabrežje 2
2250 Ptuj

tel: 040/806 000

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Ptuj - an ancient town by the Drava River was given different titles over the time. Of those which put more emphasis on the millennium long history and richness of everyday offer is "Ptuj - a town of hundred faces!". This name most of all shows the vitality of the city. It shows people who give it its soul and who act in different areas to enrich the life in the town and spread its name all over the world.

One of such "faces" is certainly Dejan Zavec. With his indestructible will, dedication and hard work with a range of impressive achievements he reached the summit - the title of the IBF world boxing champion. At the same time, Dejan Zavec became recognizable because of his character traits - a few years ago he was awarded the title of Mr. Sympatikus.

Despite all the fame, Dejan Zavec is proud of his roots.  Several years ago he decided to show his affection for unconditional support to his home town and the people who have already announced him as the most popular personality of the year and sportsman of the year. The result is a modern sports facility which enables sporting activities to the general public, while transferring the basic Dejan's traits: perseverance, dedication, honesty, solidarity and patriotism.

In today's world, people are exposed to various stress factors that make us tired and disturb our natural balance and therefore have a negative impact on our health. It is therefore important that at least twice a week we do something for ourselves and chase the worries of everyday life away. This is why Dejan Zavec Gym offers 12 exercise rounds, boxing+ and boxing, among which you will surely find a way of recreation, which suits you best.

"12 Rounds" is a special cardiology workout that is a combination of fitness, boxing and aerobics. A novelty is high-intensity intervals which accelerate the consumption of calories 72 hours after the exercise. This workout is suitable for both, men and women of all ages. With a good atmosphere that prevails during the workout, you will be able to do all the exercises without major problems.

The next option for exercising in Dejan Zavec Gym is boxing +, boxing workout for women. Exercise is not intended for boxing with an opponent and is therefore suitable for women of all ages. Women participants are happy to say that there is no better feeling than beating a bag after a hard day.

As it is expected for the gym, which bears the name of boxing champions, a special emphasis is given to the male boxing. In these exercises, Dejan Zavec himself is very actively involved with his extensive knowledge and helps all eager combatants to learn boxing.

Reach to health, reach to the stars - Dejan Zavec Gym is the right place for it.

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