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Gostilna Ribič

gostilna ribič

Gostilna Ribič
Dravska ulica 9, 2250 Ptuj, Slovenija

T: +386 (0)2 749 06 35 | F: +386 (0)2 749 06 38 |




Monday: closed
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 11:00 to 23:00
Friday and Saturday 11:00 - 24:00
Sunday 11:00 to 23:00

gostilna slovenija


In Drava street, close to the footbridge, there is a charming building with neoclassical façade, painted in a colour which seemingly reflects shades of the blue river surface. The portal bears the year 1872, however the history of this building goes much further back. It is associated with a tanner or leather quarter mentioned by the sources from the Middle Ages on. In the mid-14th century, a bridge was built here, the area became extremely lively - and a toll-house stood at the bridge, and later the scale was placed on the market in front of the building. Among the owners of the house, who have been known by their name since 1785, there are some wealthy citizens; for two hundred years a bakery flourished here, and the inn, which was due to its position attended by the rafters and stallholders, was then in the adjoining building.

The building has until today preserved its design and mainly the walls, instead of freshly baked bread as before, you can smell delicacies of all kinds! The Ribič Restaurant which is now in this building, has retained former glory, while it continually creates a reputation among those who like to eat good food. With its selection of dishes, freshwater and marine fish, chicken dishes, home-made desserts and the selection of wines from the Ptuj cellar, the cuisine gives the character to Ptuj. Special emphasis is placed on traditional middle-class and aristocratic dishes, which have historically proven to be supplemented by quality and imaginative  modern approach. The staff of the Ribič restaurant provide the quality and selection of culinary delights and a genuine and friendly attitude towards the guests.  High quality, as to the offer and the service, ensures a good status of the restaurant which is the pride of the town. The Restaurant has recently been awarded the title "Gostilna Slovenija" which confirms that all the ingredients have been carefully selected and produced in the local area.

The true spirit of every restaurant comes from satisfied guests. In the Ribič restaurant you can surely find the right place for yourself; there are many separate rooms which enable a relaxed atmosphere and are at the same time suitable for business and social events.

If you want to charm others and be charmed by yourself, then the Ribič Restaurant is the right choice!

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