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PANORAMA Rooms for rent


PANORAMA Rooms for rent - Metka Gutschi
Maistrova ulica 19
2250 Ptuj
+386(0)27877570 / 71
+386(0)41987743 |



Monday - Sunday from 00.00 to 24.00

Almost in the middle of the city, while at the same time in the middle of a complete nature is a home to the family Gutschi-Krapša. The advantages of the ideal location on the last slopes of Slovenske gorice were exploited already in the past - in spring you can smell blooming primroses and hear the cuckoo singing in the nearby forest, in the summer you can rest in the cool shade of rich greens; in the autumn you can taste delicious fruit from orchards and vineyards, and in the winter when the leaves fall off, you can enjoy in a breathtaking view over all four sides of the sky - the Pohorje mountains, Boč, Donačka gora, Borl, over the Ptuj plain through the soft hills of "lukarija" to the Slovenske gorice and even Ormož, and to the nearby Mestni vrh which is richly planted with vineyards. In the middle of all this is Ptuj - Treasury of milenia, and Ptuj Castle welcome visitors from sunrise to sunset ..

It is not surprising that in this place, over a century ago, a popular winery was operating. Nowadays rich tradition and good care of guests is continued by Ms Metka with her family. They will offer you comfortable rooms, delicious breakfasts, while the most important - plenty of concern for your well-being. If you are interested in how to spend the day, your host will give you so many ideas that you will surely stay her guest longer than you planned. You can explore Ptuj and its surroundings on foot, either alone or accompanied by experienced guides; you can visit the town, hills, hike along the Drava river and Ptuj Lake, you can ride a bike or take a boat on the river Drava, to gain some strength and stamina the host will provide you with tickets for swimming in the thermal park. In the evening, you can choose to join the visitors over a barbecue in the backyard, to enjoy the tea in a company of a herb-woman or to study medieval dances. And it will be easier to fall asleep with a book you can borrow from the "house book exchange" -  as the collection of books is called by the hosts. No, the guests in the Panorama rooms really never get bored!

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