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Ptujske vedutePTUJSKE VEDUTE, d.o.o., Ptuj -The official travel organiser to the destination
Ptuj –  Jeruzalem Ormož – Haloze – Slovenske gorice
Na gradu 1
2250 PTUJ

T: 00386 (2) 778 8780 | 00386 (2) 778 8783 | F: 00386 (2) 778 8781
E: |



from 1 May to 14 October 9 am – 6 pm all days of the week

from 15 October to 30 April: 9 am – 5 pm all days of the week

Outside the opening hours by prior arrangement.

CLOSED (except by prior arrangement): 1.1., 1.11., 25.12., Easter Sunday,

part-time opening hours – until 12 noon: Shrove Tuesday, 24.12., 31.12.

In the "Millenia Treasury" each museum object, each building in the medieval town centre and each stone in the age-old pavement whispers a story of the past, which is not merely a collection of dull data and a listing of years. Ptuj is like a live chronicle, revealing the character and the soul of the town, which was, in the times of abundance and in the times of shortages, co-created by the local people who were, with their inventiveness, stubborn will to survive, and ambitions, torn between their wishes and possibilities for progress. These stories are not valuable only as interesting impressions from the past, they are also a textbook for life, a precious legacy for the present and the future.

The Ptujske vedute company is a specialised organiser of trips and holidays in Ptuj, the Ptuj area and in the Lower Drava Region. In almost 20 years of operation, the tour operator took care of thousands of satisfied visitors of Ptuj and its surroundings, which confirms that the persistent work in the field of preparation of programmes, education of staff, careful choice of subcontractors and the search for new contents and experiences, has been a work of quality. There are special thematic programmes available, which take you, in all seasons, to a journey to the Roman times, to the middle ages – the period of the famous Lords of Ptuj and the creation of exceptional Gothic artworks, to the period of Baroque mansions which are a true fairytale scenery for unforgettable experiences, and along the town streets and many places, hidden to the eye of an average observer. Especially interesting are programmes which will let you experience the rich ethnological heritage of the Ptujsko and Dravsko polje plains, Haloze, Slovenske gorice and Ormož with Jeruzalem or enjoy the good food and the beautiful landscape along the Drava River. Special attention is given to anybody who wants to enjoy an active life in the marvellous landscape – on land, in water or in the air.  The starting point for the preparation of a programme and the final designer are always you, the client, and your wishes are always respected, at the same time a high quality of services and an optimum price and quality ratio is provided for. Half-day tours, single or multi-day trips and holidays of all types and lengths will satisfy the most demanding guests since the company prepares the programme, arranges all the bookings, provides for excellent guidance and takes care of your well-being. All you need to do is enjoy!

The Ptujske vedute company employs experienced tour guides and tour attendants with national licences, who explore with you the near and the far surroundings of Ptuj, Slovenia or foreign countries. All guided tours are delivered in fluent Slovenian, English, German, Italian or French language, and upon prior arrangement in any additional languages.

The Ptujske vedute company also manages the museum shop at the Ptuj castle, where there are many museum and tourist souvenirs to choose from, postcards, tour guides, maps, original gifts and jewellery. A part of the rich offer is available in the Mitra Hotel.

The Ptujske vedute company, an official tour operator, provides for careless holidays and unforgettable experiences at the Ptuj – Jeruzalem Ormož – Haloze – Slovenske gorice destination.

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