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Ptuj Wine Cellar

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Ptujska klet d.o.o.
Vinarski trg 1
2250 Ptuj

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The valuables of the Millennia Treasury can be found below the town floor and we are not only talking about the undiscovered archaeological remains. One of the most important stories that helped shape the image, character, the past and the present fame of Ptuj and its surroundings is preserved in the Ptuj Cellar. Moreover – you can experience this story in the Ptuj Wine Cellar and enjoy it with all your senses. The beginnings of viticulture and cellaring in the Ptuj area reach back at least two millennia to the past, at the same time Ptuj is proud of its seven-hundred-year-old tradition of wine production and cultivation. In the past, this rich tradition was shaped by different institutions and individuals, in the middle ages by the brothers of the Minorite Monastery, which houses the oldest wine cellar in Slovenia. Memories and the spirit of the past are preserved in the bottles kept in the Ptuj wine cellar, representing an admirable and the most important collection of archival wines in this part of Europe, among them there is a true wine memorial – the oldest archival wine in Slovenia – Zlata trta (Golden Vine) from 1917.  However, in Ptuj Cellar the focus is not only on the past. By upgrading the knowledge and experience and by respecting the noble tradition of wine cultivation, the tale is successfully unfolding. Wines from Ptuj Cellar became a trade mark, offering their tastes to the embraces of modern consumers on all continents; therefore they were awarded many prizes at prestigious competitions in France, Canada, Brussels, Vienna, London, Tokio, San Francisco, etc.  The enormous potential of the fantastic vineyard locations of Haloze and Slovenske gorice were captured in the bottles with a simple finding and message: Pullus, the wine with taste. In order to offer an even more experiential visit to our gusts, the cellar is equipped with sound and light effects which intertwine with the wonderful carved images on the wooden barrels. In the wine cellar there is room for about 60 people, and guests can see multivision shows entitled:  "when a drop sparkles" with wonderful photos of the Haloze hills, which explores the past and the present of winemaking in Ptuj. The show is enriched with music and selected text. However, the most beautiful tale about the everlasting love to vine and wine culture will come from glasses, when you discover the excellent wines by tasting them.

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