ptujPtuj – the treasure of millennia, the oldest site of continuous settlement in Slovenia, is happy to unveil its treasures and to offer you countless specialities, be it on a plate or in a glass, to please your sight, your hearing and your soul. A stroll on old streets, a visit of exceptionally rich museum collections, a glance into the "bowels" of Ptuj – the oldest wine cellar still in function, a walk on the shores of the largest inland water surface in Slovenia or a boat ride ... there is something for everyone, for every age and for every taste. Ptuj is offering exactly what the visitors are expecting from it!

The Carnival in Ptuj is the most prominent carnival event in the country and in the wider area. Taking place at the end of winter, it attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors; the exhibition "Specialities of Slovene Farms" in the month of May presents some 1,400 traditional dishes; during summer months, romantic streets and squares and halls buzz in the exuberant creation of artists from the entire world who gather for a traditional cultural festival; in autumn, when must is fermenting and turning into wine, the town and its surroundings become the stage for merry celebrations and praise for exceptionally good crops!

The tourist destination Ptuj – Jeruzalem Ormož – Slovenske Gorice – Haloze provides the best value for one single visit. But be prepared, for you will leave the region convinced that you have to come back again and again and again...

Let us go some 2,000 years back into the past to the times of ancient Rome. The exact site where Terme Ptuj is located nowadays was back then a truly buzzing hub. Poetovio was one of the biggest cities in the Roman provinces, and the destiny of one of the Roman emperors was decided here. Do not think that this is just a ghost from the distant past which should be kept behind museum walls, for after your visit of Terme Ptuj, you will surely change your mind. The Romans knew very well how to pamper body and soul, how to treat themselves to earthly pleasures in the baths, at abundantly loaded tables with excellent wines sparkling in glasses. This hedonistic spirit of ancient Rome will be present everywhere during your stay in Terme Ptuj while you treat yourself to the luxury and comfort of ancient Romans coupled with everything modern man might need and want nowadays.

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