slovenske gorice"Slovenske Gorice – how beautiful you are! One hill is rising from behind another, and it looks as if there were rows of waves of the long-gone sea. Ay, wine hills, how charming and pretty you are together with white houses on your tops, large vineyards and lush orchards...", runs a poetic description written almost a century ago by a writer Ožbalt Ilaunig who described the region between the Drava and Mura rivers. His opinion was shared by Ivan Cankar, a writer, and Rudolf Maister, a general, as well as by many other renowned countrymen who spread the word of their homeland all over the world and distinguished themselves through their achievements. Almost every place can cite at least one of such prominent countryman. And every place prides itself on something special to see, to enjoy, to taste, and to feel. Castles, impressive or simply typical churches of Slovenske Gorice, houses, museum collections, wooden cottages, ponds and lakes! And people of gentle nature inviting you to come in with their soft voices!

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