In the north-eastern part of Slovenia, along the Drava River, spreads the region that needs to be discovered, visited, tasted and experienced. This fertile and gently undulating country has been populated since the prehistoric times, as has always been protected and connected by the mighty river meandering through it. The generous region has lured many a visitor to settle here, while the number of those who just refreshed themselves and had a rest on their journey is even more important. And the same is true now.


The photographer Ciril Ambrožič took a picture of this tendril which symbolises the intertwining of the rich and diversified tourist offer in our newly established tourist region. Although grapevine tendrils seem fragile, they hold fast to any support; they twist and intertwine and thus form inseparable bonds. Grapevine, the most beautiful plant in the world, resists to strongest winds, terrible frosts, long summers and the scorching sun.

Just as the tendrils, the hosts living along the River Drava have joined their efforts, knowledge and energy to spoil You in this sunny region!

As once, long time ago, waves of the Pannonian Sea used to break the surface, nowadays hills of Haloze and Slovenske Gorice along the River gently roll and break the surface of the flat Drava and Ptuj Plains. Apparently calm surface of the River and the Lake reflect the image of this generous country. The sun, unspoilt nature, dainties and specialities of all kinds, smile and open-heartedness of its people will charm You forever.



logotip RDO skupniKakor nekoč davno valovi Panonskega morja, danes v rajski deželi ob Dravi valovijo griči Haloz in Slovenskih goric. Mehka pobočja se nežno zlivajo v ravnini Ptujskega in Dravskega polja. Na navidezno mirni gladini reke in širnega jezera se odslikavajo podobe radodarne pokrajine. S soncem, neokrnjeno naravo, dobrotami vseh vrst in ljudmi širokega nasmeha in še širše odprtih src vas bo očarala!





Vi ste ovde: Domov novice Prižig prazničnih luči v mestu prestavljen na torek, 4. 12. 2012, ob 18. uri!

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